Joe Ryle

Since the Covid pandemic, the idea of moving to a four-day working week has been gathering momentum across the world, and the announcement by the Scottish Government means that the UK is about to see its first ever trials take place.

The trials in Scotland follow similar announcements made by governments in Spain, Ireland and Japan, as well as the “overwhelmingly successful” pilots in Iceland which led to 86% of Iceland’s workforce benefiting from a permanent reduction in their working hours with no loss of pay.

If Scotland and all of these other countries can do it, why…

Carolyn Harris MP

Menopause. A word that is often said in hush tones or not used at all. Menopause is truly one of the last taboos; the stigma, shame and misconceptions are all barriers to treatment. If we are to support the millions of women experiencing perimenopause or menopause, we must break down barriers and discuss this topic openly and boldly, women should not be expected to suffer in silence any longer.

Menopause will affect most women. At present, approximately 13 million of us in the UK are either perimenopausal or post-menopausal. That is almost a fifth of the entire population. …

Stephen Kinnock MP

The devastating scenes we have witnessed in Kabul and across Afghanistan have been utterly heart-breaking — not least for those brave members of our armed forces who have given so much in the quest to rid Afghanistan of terrorist cells, and to build peace and stability in that troubled land.

The images distressed us all. …

Christina Rees MP

In the run up to World Sepsis Day, 13th September 2021, Christina Rees MP highlights her personal journey with the ‘silent killer’ of Sepsis — awareness is key

Sepsis is the immune system’s overreaction to an infection or injury. Normally our immune system fights infection, but sometimes for reasons which are not yet understood, it attacks body tissues and organs, and if not treated quickly may result in organ failure and death. Sepsis affects 245,000 and kills 48,000 in the UK every year.

In 2013, I was very fortunate to survive sepsis and when it has subsequently recurred, I am…

Covid 19 Recovery — Alex Davies-Jones MP argues for the right to flexible working to be enshrined in law as we repair, restart, recover

It has now been more than 18 months since the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Wales, and it is fair to say that we’re likely to still be living with the effects of the pandemic for some time to come.

For people who have lost loved ones to Covid-19, and for all of the keyworkers who have worked so tirelessly to look after us all through the lockdowns and restrictions, the impact of the…

Jenny Rathbone MS

Women have suffered disproportionately from the pandemic in terms of their place in the labour market and the stress of doing three jobs at once from home. But some things have improved in terms of access to health services.

Telemedical abortions

The introduction of telemedical abortions across Wales in the Spring of 2020 suddenly gave women quick and easy access to a phone or video consultation with a midwife or nurse and a mifepristone prescription delivered to them at home.

Clinicians from across Wales attending the June meeting of the Women’s Health Cross Party Group all agreed…

Postpartum PTSD is a serious issue

Buffy Williams MS

In Wales alone over 9,000 women are suffering, sometimes in silence.

Mothers have kept their symptoms to themselves, so the condition has remained invisible.

Many mothers unfortunately, are sometimes wrongly diagnosed with postpartum depression, when in fact the trauma of a difficult birth or events directly concerning or complications after a birth can leave a mother suffering with postpartum PTSD.

This can include flashbacks of traumatic moments throughout labour that has a mother reliving the fear of the trauma, troubling dreams and nightmares, symptoms of anxiety and not wanting to discuss…

Mike Hedges AM

Mike Hedges MS

Whilst the following parts of England have chosen technology as the engine to drive their
economy, many in Wales see economic success coming from the support economy, tourism,
and agriculture.

Looking at successful areas in England:

The Oxford Science Park is a science and technology park located on the southern edge of the city of Oxford and is owned by Magdalen College, Oxford. The park maintains strong links with the University of Oxford and currently contains over 60 companies including Sharp Laboratories of Europe and trip advisor. …

Jack Sargeant MS

Jack Sargeant MS for Alyn and Deeside

This week I will lead a debate in the Senedd on a “Fair deal for workers.” It is a title I chose and sums up what much of what my politics is about. I am a proud trade union member and joint chair of the Senedd Unite Group of MS’s.

I chose this topic because after a year of incredible sacrifices from working people, the settlement we have arrived at is not a fair one. Employers still too often adopt practices that have no place in 21st Century Wales. …

What should Labour do next?

Mike Hedges MS

Mike Hedges MS

That Labour in the elections this May 2021, especially in the north of England and Scotland, did not appeal to enough working people is self- evident from the election results although in Wales we had our joint best ever result.

I will address Scotland in a future article but in this, I will address issues that are necessary for Labour to regain support from not voting, voting for third parties, and voting Conservative because these are issues that affect or potentially affect their day to day lives of people.

Along with many…

Welsh Fabians

The Fabian Society in Wales

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