Mike Hedges MS

Private rented sector

Section 21 gives landlords the power to evict tenants without having to give…

A lack of climate leadership is failing future generations

BY Anna McMorrin MP

Scientists have issued the starkest warning yet. A long-awaited landmark report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said that the world is heading for widespread devastation unless emissions are brought down sharply.

Weather disasters in…

Mike Hedges MS

We cannot have Scandinavian quality public services and American level of taxes.

Taxation exists to pay for public services. Too many people believe that we can have the same quality of public services as Scandinavia but have a taxation system which is more like that of the…

Jack Sargeant MS

Huw Irranca-Davies MS

Tony Beddow and Mike Hedges MS

In the 1990s East Anglian Regional Health Authority commissioned the Office for Public Management to design and run a simulation event over three days in a Norfolk hotel. The results have passed into the folklore of the NHS, as has the name the initiative was given: the Rubber Windmill…

Mike Hedges MS

Christina Rees MP

Dan Groves

Since 2010, the Coalition and Conservative Governments have poured money into the housing market in the form of subsidies…

Welsh Fabians

The Fabian Society in Wales

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