Jack Sargeant MS

The 1985 Transport Act was the single worst moment in the history of bus transport for passengers across the UK, and it still regulates the industry in Wales today.

Once powers over bus travel were devolved, Ken Skates MS looked to scrap the impact of this Thatcherite…

by John Griffiths MS

Homelessness continues to be one of the most pernicious symptoms of the housing crisis in Wales and across the UK. It feels indefensible that at a UK level in one of the wealthiest economies in the world, there are so many people that go to sleep without a safe, secure…

Christina Rees MP

I didn’t realise when I started reading about “employee ownership” how much it would take over my life. And I’m very pleased that I have become somewhat obsessed with it, using every available Parliamentary procedure to make sure that the UK Government share my passion.

There are examples of employee…

WEN Wales and the 21 organisations who support the Diverse 5050 Campaign were all delighted that our hard work and campaigning over the past three years has paid off and helped lead to the historic agreement between Labour and Plaid for gender quotas to be legally baked into the reformed…

Jack Sargeant MS

The 10th of December marks Human Rights Day, the final day of 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence. The 16 days start on the 25th of November which is international Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women or White Ribbon Day as many of us refer to it.

Mike Hedges MS

Housing or shelter is the third necessity of life after food and water but far too many people live in substandard accommodation or are homeless or are concerned where they will move to next.

Private rented sector

Section 21 gives landlords the power to evict tenants without having to give…

A lack of climate leadership is failing future generations

BY Anna McMorrin MP

Scientists have issued the starkest warning yet. A long-awaited landmark report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said that the world is heading for widespread devastation unless emissions are brought down sharply.

Weather disasters in…

Welsh Fabians

The Fabian Society in Wales

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